Playing Poker at PokerStars Micro Stakes

Playing poker at pokerstars micro stakes megaupload requires patience and discipline. You need to have a bankroll to afford the fluctuating betting amounts. Don’t try to pull off fancy all-in bluffs – they rarely work at these low stakes. The goal is to get money in consistently with the best hand.

Micro stakes are great for beginners, but it is eworld important to have a bankroll when playing these games. Many poker pros advise that players have a bankroll of at least 20-30 buy-ins before playing. You should have a bankroll of at least $300 when playing NL10 online.

Micro stakes technecy can get very emotional. There are many aggressive players. Even if you have a perfect hand every time, you may not win the pot. In these games, it’s best not to get too emotional – you may miss out on the nuts, or your opponents might be bluffing.

Rake structure is also an important factor. Micro stakes rakes at different poker sites differ. At PokerStars, the rake is lower, while Full Tilt charges more. The difference between the two is significant. If you’re a low roller and play micro ibibo stakes regularly, the lower rake is better for you.

PokerStars launched the MicroMillions series in March, which aims to attract players with smaller bankrolls. The tournament series econtentmags will last from 15 March to 25 March and feature 100 events. The buy-ins will be $5 or less. For example, the cheapest MicroMillions event will cost $.10 while the biggest event will cost $22. The prize pool will be nearly $5 million.

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